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TAGGS 2013-22 Favourite Listing

TAGGS asked the question... 

Which course do our members think is the best course they have played with TAGGS?

We looked at our records from 2013-22 and realised we had visited 68 courses in those 10 years. We sent this list to our members to vote for their top 3, and score them 3pts for 1st place, 2pts for 2nd and 1pt for 3rd. This was then calculated and we have our list here.

27 Members voted and we had 26 different courses nominated, showing how varied our choices are and how lucky we are to have played such wonderful courses.

Any of these 26 courses are worthy of a visit, in fact quite a few who didn't get a mention are up there as top society courses. 

Fave full list.png
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