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TAGGS History & Background

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Based just South of Warrington in Cheshire, TAGGS started life as The Little Manor Golf Society in 1984. The Little Manor being the village pub in Thelwall, Warrington. In 2000, it was decided to change the name and continue as Thelwall & Grappenhall Golf Society or TAGGS and it has continued ever since.

We boast some of the original Little Manor members as society members today and celebrated the 30th anniversary in 2014. Continuation and improvement has always been high on the society agenda to ensure we entice new members and grow our society in the 'Manor' it was meant...


TAGGS has over 40 members with more than 20 attending each golfing day. We raise money for charity each year and have seen good sums of money being raised for charities such as Warrington Neo-Natal Unit, MND and British Kidney Foundation. These charities usually have some personal connection to either the Captain or a member of the society. These funds are raised in many ways during the course of the year.


Whilst Golf is obviously of high importance, TAGGS emphasises that it is a society. Our membership ranges from regular low handicap club golfers to those of us who play socially. The handicap system works to enable TAGGS to share around the prizes and we very rarely see one player run away with the season.

The main ethos of the Society is to play good courses, be respectful to our hosts and have fun doing what we enjoy.

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